Roger Tran
Tattoo Artist - Specializing in Black&Grey, High Detail & Etching

Roger began his tattoo journey in 2020 right after graduating from the University of Utah’s School of Economics. From a young age, his curiosity in esoteric and occult knowledge opened the doors to a world of ancient symbolism and illustrations. This discovery sparked his passion in reviving both Hermetic and medieval art through the medium of tattooing. He is currently taking on projects that exhibit these styles or subjects: esotericism, hermeticism, occultism, mysticism, surrealism, medieval illustrations, etching/engraving, folklore, mythology or cryptids. His style of work focuses heavily on black and grey shading and etching or engraving line work. His  booking for custom projects opens every two months with half the slots reserved for flash designs. He periodically releases flash designs that are able to be scheduled immediately when released. You can find updates on flash releases in his Instagram story and highlight section. For more information on his booking process please check out his “booking” highlight on Instagram. "I look forward to creating something magical with you all!"